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Text Box: The Banners 1

The Banners where given to the parish 200years ago in thanksgiving for Nelson's Victory at Trafalgar. They were restored by the needlework guild in 1977 The embroidered motifs have been reapplied, not reproduce, so the banners are part of the original set, also they maybe the only ones surviving of many bought to celebrate the Victory of Trafalgar. On the following pages are descriptions of the six banners researched by Miss Graham.

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These two larger banners are without doubt the originals and tradition has it that they were bought by public subscription by Rev George Bridgman in 1806.

The Dragon Banner represents Napoleon's effort to invade England from the sea. The dragons represent the evil spirits which cause wars, there are eight altogether. The two at the foot of the cross show the evil of Civil War, the dragons standing upright fighting one another. The cross in the centre shows the suffering caused by war, the rising sun coming up behind the cross. Interwoven in the design are seaweed and starfish, the whole on a bright blue material to depict the colour of the sea.

The Hearts of Oak Banner has a central panel of oak leaves (The Navy) surrounding the sacred monogram in gold. The design on the panels is of Tudor Roses, rather faded but undoubtedly reddish in colour for Lancashire. There are two inscriptions on this banner worked in Gothic characters with frequent abbreviations the word means

'Jesu the coronal of All Saints,' and below 'have mercy upon us'