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Text Box: The Lenten Frontal
Text Box: The Lenten Frontal

The Lenten Frontal was made in 1965 designed and researched by Miss Graham - made of purple silk brocade
The centre piece shows the instruments of the Passion picked out in eastern gold and flanked by 4 crosses

1st Cross on the left (top) is Mab's  Cross of Lady Mabel Bradshaigh fame. It tells the story of a penance for the act of bigamy unknowingly committed.

2nd Cross on the right (top) is that of St Columba of Iona. He founded the monastery in 545AD. 
and his monks travelled all over the North of England and Southern Scotland. Fifty years later St Augustine landed in Canterbury.

3rd Cross on the left (bottom) is the old Market Cross of Wigan. It stood in the centre of Market Place for generations. It was demolished towards the end of the 1890's to make way for the steam trams.

4th Cross on the right (bottom) is that of St Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, of whose Diocese Wigan was part.
He was one of the monks sent by Theodore who was a leader of the Canterbury Missionaries.
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