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Events in Pictures


We also have had to repair the tiling and woodwork in the nave altar space because of a leak in the central heating pipes so we took the opportunity to re carpet both the nave and centre isles. The carpet in the isles had been down for over 50 years.

The carpet in the choir and high altar sanctuary has also been lifted to reveal some beautiful Minton tiles

Walking Day

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One on August the 4th 1914. The Parish Church and Wigan Borough decided to hold a candle lit Vigil 100 years later, August 4th 2014 at 9.45pm till 11pm.

The Vigil began in a full church with music, recollections, poems, newsreels and readings all in candlelight. At 10.45pm we all went outside to gather round a floodlit cenotaph, dropping poppies projected onto the south side of the church and the sound of half muffled bells ringing around the town. As the bells stopped at 11pm all the candles were blown out with the Mayor extinguishing the last one as the clock stuck 11.

The pictures below show some of the evening.

Text Box: World War One Commemoration
August 4th