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Text Box: The Nave

The lofty Nave, surmounted, as is the Chancel, by a clerestory, was rebuilt in 1848, though in the rebuilding the stones of the 14th or 15th century perpendicular pillars and possibly of the arches, though not the capitals, were re-chiseled and used again.


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The angels at the top of the corbels and just over the capitals were carved by John Gibbs.


The Nave is dominated by the Screen at the east end, which separates it from the Chancel. The present screen is modern, being put up in 1912 as a memorial to Col. RA ffarington. It stands on the site of the ancient rood-screen which was destroyed in the 16th century. It was designed. by WD Caroe, a distinguished and well known architect, who was responsible for a great deal of work in English parish churches. It is based on the best of old Lancashire and Cheshire screen and bears a considerable resemblance to the early 16th century screen in Sefton Parish Church, just north of Liverpool, which Caroe restored. The whole screen was richly coloured and gilded in 1957 and is now one of the finest in Lancashire .

The Nave has aisles to the north and south of the same length but of different widths. Five of the stone shields over the capitals in the aisles contain Hebrew characters, which make up the inscription, 'The Lord is glorious in holiness, fearful in praises'. the rest are filled with various symbols.

The nitch on the north side in one of the pillars is apparently ancient. It is mentioned at the beginning of the 18th century, but nothing is known of its origin or purpose.