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Text Box: Wigan Parish Church

The Parish Church of All Saints Wigan

The Present building is at least the third building on this site, there being at least two major rebuildings of the Church; one in 1620 when Bishop Bridgeman of Chester, who was also Rector of Wigan, restored the Chancel which was in ruins; the second in 1849 when the whole Church was rebuilt on the lines of the previous one.

The 1849 reconstruction revealed a number of carved stones built into the old structure which indicated the existence of former buildings, dating from Norman times.

The present Church apart from the introduction of a North entrance door and the absence of a West door and some galleries, is a close copy of the previous structure. The Tower, some of the roof beams, the Walmesley Chapel, and the two turrets between the Chancel and the Nave, are the oldest parts, being left unaltered at the time of the reconstruction. In the reconsecration service of 1850, reference was made to'old friends with their faces washed, arrayed in clothes of little better fashion', a statement referring to the use in the new building of the fourteenth century roof, pillars in the nave and some stonework within the walls.

Since the rebuilding of 1849 two complete restorations have been necessary, one in 1898 and the other in 1947, and we are at the present time coming to the end of another restoration project concerning the Tower, glass, pinnacles and re - roofing with stainless steel.

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